Mental Arithmetic

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  • Children who want to strengthen their attention, increase their artistic skills, encourage the development of logical thinking and develop self-confidence

  • Mental arithmetic also helps to develop a real understanding of the mathematical methods of arithmetic, rather than just doing calculations through a process of memorization.

  • At the age of 4-12, children go through a period of active learning. They observe, communicate, discover and develop their skills. Learning by playing is very effective at this age.

  • Our mission is to help children develop their thinking abilty,imagination, doing some works at the same time.


Teaching method:

  • Teaching is carried out in groups.

  • At the same time, each child's knowledge is based on the principle of an individual approach to learning and perception


  • Abacus

  • Abacus Cards

  • Practice Book


  • Certificate of "Center for Application and Training of Information and Communication Technologies" of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies;

Course Preview
  • 1 Month 80$
  • Weekly 2 sessions
  • Course Duration 15 Months
  • Lessons 120 Sessions
  • Max. Students 10