Education Programs


As Genesis Cambodia, we are working hard to contribute to the future of our country, education and our youth. Our goal is to reveal the secrets of engineering to students from school age, to develop their thinking and problem-solving skills.

In this way, our talented young people can keep up with the technology of the 21st century from an early age and sign new achievements with more confidence. Although a short time has passed since our establishment, our teaching activities continue successfully in many schools and universities. Our bright young people participating in this competition today are a clear example of this work. Our curricula, which use Japanese and American teaching methods, are designed for a wide age group under the name HELP. Thus, our GENESIS program serves children aged 5-11 to acquire practical knowledge from an early age, to arouse interest in science and technology by seeing the real application of theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom. Also, our teaching methods play an invaluable role in instilling team spirit and leadership in young people.

Technologies That We Use

  • Python
  • C++
  • Arduino
  • Lego
  • Japanese Engineering
  • Robo-Monte
  • C# (C- Sharp)