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GENESIS is a training program for Cambodian youth developed by Genesis Academy's Japanese mentor Kohei Ishigami. Genesis in itself covers 3 different curricula: Japanese Engineering, 3D Technology and DIY (Do It Yourself)

It is possible to connect to each program separately

  • Students aged 7-12

  • Those who want to develop logical thinking and hand skills

  • Wanting to learn about alternative energy types

  • Solar energy

  • Wind energy

  • Mechanical energy

  • Electricity

  • Develop and apply alternative energy types and energy changes, such as practical models, and acquire that knowledge.


Teaching method:

  • Teaching is carried out in groups.

  • At the same time, each child's knowledge is based on the principle of an individual approach to learning and perception

Special robotic sets are used to apply alternative energy sources

  • Block system.

  • Manual generator

  • Solar-powered cars

  • Wind Turbine

  • Rescue Robot Machine

  • Hydraulic Robot Hand

Course Preview
  • 1 Month 150$
  • 4 Months 580$
  • 8 Months 1100$
  • Lessons 36 Lessons
  • Max. Students 10