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FOSTER is Genesis Academy's Robotics Installation and Programming program. As part of the

  • Students aged 8-19. (8-12, 13-15, 16-19)

  • Those who want to develop logical thinking and hand skills

  • Those who want to learn programming and robot designs

  • Students who have the ability to work in a team, but also to face the complexity of the robot world and realize their dreams

  • The main purpose of the course is to teach robotics and engineering to Cambodian youth. to arouse interest in areas that meet the requirements of recent times, such as programming, and to instill this knowledge in them

  • To teach students Basic Programming and Robot Design

  • Opportunity to participate in the annual World Robot Olympics


Teaching method:

  • Teaching is carried out in groups.

  • At the same time, each child's knowledge is based on the principle of an individual approach to learning and perception

Special robotic sets are used to apply alternative energy sources

  • Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robot kits

  • Competition tables used in robot Olympics

Course Preview
  • Lessons 36 Lessons
  • Max. Students 10